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We have observed that there is need, at this time in the economic state of the country, to lay more emphasis on Credit than before. Every company that wishes to remain liquid and so in business needs to assess its customers’ ability to pay before extending Credit to them

Debt Monitoring

When credit has been given, there is need to MONITOR the customers’ behavior towards repayment, calling them to order very early before the debt turns bad

Debt Collection

When a debt has become overdue there is need to call a Credit Expert so as to know whether the debtor is one by circumstance, by mismanagement or by deliberate design. The way to resolve the debt issue must be effective. The option of court case or winding up petition should not be used when negotiation or rehabilitation will give both parties better result. Our objective is to keep good relationship between debtors and creditors even after settling the debt, the modern world standard.

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Equitas Credit Consulting ltd is born at the dearth of credit services in the country. Majority of people believe that credit can only be practiced in the banks. While it is true that banks loan out funds and so needs credit managers, it is often forgotten that commercial organizations should need credit managers more because companies sell on credit usually without taking collateral security. Equitas Credit Consulting ltd is therefore available to companies who normally sell on credit.

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CREDIT IS THE BLOOD OF TRADE It is sometimes thought that it is bad to borrow. some people say that it is bad to be a borrower or lender because a lender may lose his or her assets (money) if borrower fails to pay while borrower could run into serious problem when the creditor comes […]

The C’s in Credit

THE C’s IN CREDIT The five key elements a borrower should have to obtain credit are: Character (integrity) 2.  Capacity(sufficient cash flow to serve the obligation), 3.  capital(net worth), 4. Collateral(assets to secure the debt and condition (of borrower and the overall economy) of all these elements, character is the most important. A man that […]

Why Bank Loans Turn Bad

WHY BANK LOANS TURN BAD Loan granted by banks are one form of credit. The other forms of credit are purchase on credit, personal loans hire and hire purchase contracts. When the five C’s are not followed by banks and others financial organizations the loans may turn bad. It is necessary to first rate the […]

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