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The liquidator sells all assets and pays all debts due when a company has failed with no possibility of being run profitably, the best option out is voluntary liquidation or liquidation by authority.  Any creditor having up to 2000 to collect from a debtor can apply to the court to wind up the debtor company if they have shown symptoms of insolvency.


We are also into auctioneering when it becomes necessary to sell off the assets of the company, irrespective of whether we have been involved in the debt collection process. As auctioneers we shall announce the lots and announce the winners in the bidding process so that the process will be transparent.


We take the debt collection to another level when it is discovered that the company is either unwilling or not capable of working with cash flow projection that allocated amounts due to creditor to be paid within a reasonable time. We then act as receiver-manager for a period where the debt will be repaid.

The company will be run in the normal way under this scheme without selling off fixed assets.